Increase Engagement and Conversion with Instagram like Stories on your Website

Enhanced product discovery and engagement with stories

Product stories for enhanced discovery and engagement, similar to Instagram stories and highlights.

Analytics and insights that matter

Maximize your sales potential with loopsy’s advanced analytics. Identify and segment your most valuable buyers, and use targeted marketing to retarget those most likely to make a purchase.

Target your audience with our Email, SMS and Push integrations

Maximize your sales potential by using loopsy’s analytics and interactions to engage with shoppers who have expressed interest in your products, but have not yet made a purchase. Utilize our integrations with email, SMS, and push to target these user segments and drive conversions.

Highlight your best sellers and top products

Keep your buyers engaged and informed with our Instagram-style stories feature. Showcase your trendiest products, top sellers, or even your most highly-reviewed items to keep your customers interested and coming back for more. This interactive tool allows you to easily share updates and highlight new products, helping to drive sales and increase your brand's visibility

Promote Sales and Launches with Highlights

Get your audience excited for upcoming sales and launches with loopsy stories. You can easily promote new products or special offers to your followers, and even gather valuable data on your audience's interests by adding call-to-action buttons. Stay engaged with your buyers and drive sales with this powerful marketing tool

Communicate Your Brand's Message with Stories

Use stories to share your brand's mission, values, and unique selling points with your audience. This is the perfect way to connect with your customers and establish a strong brand identity. Communicate your message effectively and build trust with your buyers

Increase Trust and Drive Sales with User Review Stories

Highlight user reviews and testimonials to showcase your product's effectiveness and build trust with your audience. Video reviews are especially powerful, as they provide a more personal and authentic look at your product. With our stories feature, you can easily create a compilation of short review videos to share with your followers and drive sales. Let your satisfied customers do the talking and boost your brand's reputation with user reviews as stories

Showcase Your Brand's Community with User of the Week/Month Stories

Recognize your most loyal customers. Share their story and give them the spotlight they deserve. This feature showcases your brand's community and customer appreciation and encourages others to engage with your product and become your next featured user. Strengthen your brand's relationship with your customers and inspire others to join in

Simplify and Organize Your Website and App Homepage with Stories

Maximize the potential of your website and app with stories to display more of your products and services while using less space, creating a clean and organized look for your visitors. Easily highlight your offerings and streamline the user experience, making it easier for your customers to find what they're looking for.

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